Request to delete Online Banking and record retention policy

Online Banking is a service provided by Summit National Bank. Online Banking is optional and may be cancelled at any time. You can still retain your accounts with Summit National Bank while opting out of Online Banking Services.

Should you no longer require or desire to have Online Banking through Summit National Bank please use the below steps.


  1. Reach out to your local branch or call 800-758-1741 to request to have Online Banking Removed from your account.
  2. If you have the app downloaded on your phone, follow your IOS instructions for deleting apps and remove the Summit National Bank Online Banking App. a. How to remove apps from iPhone Remove or delete apps from iPhone – Apple Support b. How to remove apps from Android Delete apps on your Android device – Android Help (

Operations will completely delete your online banking profile. To access Online Banking at a later date, you will need to reach out again to have it added back to your account.


If you wish to completely close your accounts with Summit, please reach out to your local branch:

Hulett: 1-307-467-5261

Ekalaka: 1-406-775-8724

Salmon: 1-208-756-3055


Summit National Bank is required to retain certain account information for a period of 5 to 7 years to maintain legal and regulatory compliance. Please contact your local branch or call 800-758-1741 for additional information.