As used in this document, the words, “we,” “our,” “us” and “Bank” mean Summit National Bank (the Bank) and the words “you” and “your” mean each account owner(s) or authorized signer(s). “Account(s)” means your checking account, savings account, certificate of deposit or loan at Summit National Bank. The delivery of periodic account statements, notices and disclosures electronically is referred to as the “eStatements Service.”

Scope of Consent for Electronic Delivery of Statements/Notices

By selecting eStatements in Online Banking you will no longer receive paper statements for your Designated Accounts by U.S. mail.

Notice: email to one owner of a joint owner Designated Account is considered notice to all owners. Notice emails will be considered sufficient notice regardless of whether you actually access the Notice email or the eStatements or Disclosures.

Delivery of eStatements and Disclosures

Each account cycle, you will receive an email, at the email address designated by you through an Enrollment Form or Online Banking, notifying you of the date when the periodic electronic statements (“eStatements”) for your Designated Accounts are available. These emails will be the only notice you receive of the availability of your eStatements online other than alerts that may be sent to our Online Banking message box.

Accessing eStatements

Summit National Bank will use the email address provided by you to send an email notifying you of the availability of your eStatements and disclosures. You may then log in to you Summit National Bank Online Banking Services via Summit National Bank’s website,, using your secure Access ID and Password. Your eStatement may be viewed by:

  • Clicking on eStatements in left side menu
  • Clicking on your account in drop down menu
  • Clicking on eStatements
  • Clicking on DDA Statements

Access to your eStatements will be provided for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of each eStatement. You may make a copy of an eStatement for your records by printing it to an attached printer or downloading it to a storage device.

Customer Responsibilities

You are responsible for accessing, opening and reading your documents at your earliest convenience. These contain important and legally binding information and/or disclosures. You are responsible for promptly notifying Summit National Bank if any documents you receive are incomplete, unreadable or inaccessible. You agree to immediately notify Summit National Bank of any changes to your email address.

Email will sometimes get accidentally collected in a junk mail/spam mail folder by your email/internet service provider. Simply uncheck the email folder containing Summit National Bank. Unmarking the email will usually let your email be received to your “Inbox”.

You understand that you have a duty to exercise reasonable promptness in examining the eStatement which includes your cancelled checks for unauthorized signatures, alterations, forgery, posting errors, etc.. The state of limitations governing these responsibilities will commence at the time the Bank sends you the email notification that your eStatement is available. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent you the FIRST statement on which the error or problem appeared as outlined in our EFT Disclosure.

Your Right to Withdraw Consent

You retain the right to withdraw your consent for electronic delivery of periodic statements. You may withdraw your consent at any time by giving us at least ten (10) days prior written notice. Our contact information is as follows:

Summit National Bank
133 Main St.
Hulett, WY 82720
Phone: (307) 467-5261

Once you have withdrawn your consent, we will then discontinue the eStatement Service for the account and paper statements and notices will be resumed. The cancelation of eStatements in no way affects the validity or legal effect of all eStatements and disclosures which have been previously delivered electronically under the eStatement Service. There is no fee to withdraw your consent and resume paper statements and notices but a fee may be imposed for paper statements.


Our privacy policy that has been previously provided to our customers will apply to this service. Your email address will be used in accordance with the Bank’s privacy statement to deliver notifications to you; your email address will not be sold or otherwise provided to third parties.


Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

You agree that the Bank shall to be held liable if you are unable to gain access to the website or the Bank’s Online Banking Service from time to time. You understand that some or all of the eStatement Services and/or other system services may not be available at certain times due to maintenance and/or computer, communication, electrical or network failure or any other causes beyond the Bank’s control.

We do not and cannot warrant that eStatement Service will operate without error, or that the eStatement Service will be available at all times. Except as specifically provided in this Agreement, or otherwise required by law, you agree that our officers, directors, employees, agents or contractors are not liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages under or by reason of any services or products provided under the Agreement or by reason of your use of the eStatement Service, including loss of profits, revenue, data or use by your or any third party, whether in an action in contract or tort or based on a warranty or any other legal theory.

Our Right to Terminate

The Bank has absolute discretion to make the eStatement Service available to you. Further, the Bank has the discretion from time to time and upon giving notice to you to modify, restrict, withdraw, cancel, suspend or discontinue the eStatement Service without giving any reason. You understand that by using eStatement Service after any modification or change had been effected, you would have agreed to such modification or change.


You consent and agree that the Bank may provide certain disclosures and notices to you in electronic form, in lieu of paper form, including electronic delivery of statements (eStatements) for your account(s), warrant that you have the appropriate equipment and software to provide the ability to receive and retain eStatements and notices, and warrant that you have appropriate authority to act on behalf of the owners of any and all accounts.